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Sue Ferrers plays the hauntingly beautiful but rare Swedish nyckelharpa, or keyed-fiddle, an instrument dating back to the Middle Ages. She learned and honed the craft of playing nyckelharpa while living in Germany where she worked as a freelance musician, playing everything from intimate concerts in church settings to Gothic Rock in sold-out stadiums. Back in Queensland, Sue has teamed up with former Natives of Bedlam guitarist, Evan Clarry,  bass-player Bob Harley (Funky Miracle, Sunset Junk) and percussion virtuoso, Nicole Perry to bring an eclectic mix of European folk melodies in new clothes, taking the audience on a magic carpet ride to exotic, faraway lands of times gone by. An experience not to be missed! Read more here.

CD Review "Embroidered Threads" <listen/buy here>

This album is one of those rare examples of how music in its simple beauty can go straight to your heart and can make you yearning for more. The New Zealand musician Sue Ferrers, a studied violinist, manages to fascinate the listener with a selection of fourteen instrumental pieces for an hour, with the spellbinding, spherical sounds of her Nyckelharpa and accompanied by the German guitarist Steffen Huther. From Cantigas by Alfonso X called El Sabio from the thirteenth century, onto Swedish Polskas and to the first "Gnossienne" by Erik Satie completes the arc. In addition to the tasteful choice of the pieces, the ability of the two instrumentalists is convincing. They do not put their virtuosity in the foreground, but rather with understatement give the beautiful melodies room to unfold. They bring the music to breathe, with arrangements that always put the music in the foreground. The fact that this album is a real pleasure is also due to the excellent production, which depicts nyckelharpa and guitar in an extremely vibrant way.

 - Ulrich Joosten, Folker Magazin January 2018


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